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Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 4/7/06

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Alan: You know what, you've had two opportunities and you failed both times. Obviously you need a little help.

Alan-Michael: No thanks. I've seen what your help has done to your other sons. Practically killed Gus and put Phillip in the morgue. No, when I climb to the top, I don't want you there, sawing the rungs out from under me.


Lizzie: I always felt so bad for the animals in the zoo. They always looked so lonely.

Jonathan: Yeah, and they never get any privacy. What are you doing here?

Lizzie: I am proving that the system, it works.

Jonathan: You're drunk.

Lizzie: No, not yet. But I did bail you out.

Jonathan: Get out of here.

Lizzie: Actually, that was my idea for you. Ooh, I made this big fat contribution to the policemen's charity. They were so appreciative. So get ready to say bye-bye, bars.

Jonathan: Why are you doing this?

Lizzie: Because you are the only person I can think of that is as miserable and pissed off as I am. So here is your coat. Let's go raise some hell.


Buzz: Uh-huh. But what if he begins to believe that I am such a great coach when it comes to love because I want you for myself?

Olivia: Why would he believe that? Did you say something to him?

Buzz: Yeah, I told him we were friends, you know? The implication being just that, we were just friends. We would never be anything more or anything less, ever. In other words, I lied.


Jonathan: You think this is going to help you forget about Coop?

Lizzie: No, I'll just be drunk when I obsess about him. It sure beats doing it sober. What are you telling me, a couple more shots and Tammy's going to be like completely out of your head?

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