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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 4/6/06

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Mallet: I still don't think you're getting the message. I think you need to take a couple more weeks before you sign back on the job.

Gus: I spent plenty of time laying around, chained to a bed--

Mallet: Gus...

Gus: ... For months and months--

Mallet: I can't hear it anymore. I've heard you're big survival tale of woe. My concern is I've got a limping partner with an ulcer that's close to exploding.

Gus: You're lucky to have me.

Mallet: Ladies and gentlemen, this is who's protecting my back.

Gus: You're lucky. Look at the service here; it's terrible.

Buzz: I'll get it. Sit down, I'll get it.

Mallet: I'll get your water. It's like taking care of my grandmother. Don't worry about it, I...


Tammy: No, from myself, Jonathan. Protection from myself. Okay. When I'm around you, oh, I have to just fight so hard. I've missed you so much. I miss the way you feel and the way you smell, and the way when I look in your eyes, I can see...

Jonathan: What? You see what?

Tammy: I can't breathe. I think about you all the time. I didn't get that restraining order because of you. I had to get it because of me. I can't help myself when I'm near you Jonathan. I can't stop wanting you.


Mallet: I was all over you. But seriously if you had, died, you would have wanted Harley to move on right?

Gus: Sure. As long as it wasn't with you.


Dinah: Yes. And we will get through this one way or another, we will, but this is not about Harley. This is about... you know, I felt needed. I felt respected.

Mallet: Then talk to Harley and tell her that.

Dinah: What am I going to tell her, that I want her job? Is that what I'm going to say? That doesn't make any sense. I mean, my gosh, I mean, every time I find something solid in my life, it is like the rug is being pulled right out from underneath me. You know, my brother, he is in Venezuela; my mother, she comes in and out of town, which is fantastic. She puts her arms around me, but I don't even have enough time at the end of day to have a real conversation with her. And I don't know, I want to belong somewhere, Mallet. I mean, don't you think that that's fair to ask?

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