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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 3/27/06

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Dinah: Yeah. Mallet and Harley are partners, you know, or were partners, or whatever. I can't really keep track, but I... I'm not the type of person that thinks that he's walking out of my life every time he walks out of the door, you know.

Alan-Michael: Good.

Dinah: So um... I just would like to hurt him. I'd like to hurt her, too, but I'm not going to do that.


Gus: It's very strange, you know, what your mind does. It grabs on to the most esoteric little things. The things you would think about-- I would start thinking about the bench outside of Company. And I'm lying down thinking I am freezing, I'm cold, I'm in pain, why don't you think about a fireplace or a cozy little bed or something. But no, I kept thinking about the bench outside of Company because you know, you go to the bench after a long day and you sit down and it's just so nice to sit there and you look through the window, and you see the Cooper family, it's such a beautiful family.

Harley: It's our family.

Gus: And to pass the time, I used to do this little game. And I know this sounds weird, but I would go over your body in my mind, all right. I'd go over it like by inch by inch by inch, and then when I had a lot of time on my hands, I would go over it millimeter by millimeter by millimeter, and I would especially miss this part-- this part of your body. And then you know how some people's ears are attached to their body, and some people have like little floppy earlobes and I know what yours is like, and then I move to the back your neck, and I'd think about that little lock of hair that would get tangled up in a necklace, and you'd say, "Gus, can you help with this?" And then I'd pull it too hard, and then you would get angry with me. And then, hey, this is really strange, okay. But I spent about ten days on your toes, that's like a toe a day. And that got me through at least a week-and-a-half, you know. Is that weird? I know it's weird, but..


Harley: The life we were having before you-- no, it's not okay. Listen to me. You left me. Don't you get that? You left me all alone. We were supposed to be this something together and then boom, it never happened. Just like the wedding. Just like prison. But only this time you left me! These eyes? These eyes that you love so much, these eyes cried for you until they couldn't cry anymore. And then they did. They cried, a lot more. And these hands? These hands tucked Zach and Jude into bed every night without you there. Without you there to read them a bed time story, or talk to them about their day went. I held your final shirt in my hands until the thing almost fell apart!

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