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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 3/20/06

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Tammy: You don't think you did anything wrong? That you hurt me? You hurt me, Jonathan. You put me through hell, and you knew it when you were doing it, and you didn't even give a damn. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Sandy wouldn't have gone crazy if you didn't do what he did? Maybe he wouldn't have gone off that cliff right now, maybe he wouldn't be dead right, and maybe I wouldn't be...


Jonathan: Look, you want me to promise that I'll never hurt you again? Because I can't do that. If I ever did hurt you again, it would be because I love you.


Tammy: An accident that you set in motion. How can I live with that now? How can I live with what we've done to each other? How can I live with what we did to Sandy? How can I live with you?


Alan-Michael: I'm sorry. I wanted to work with you, Dad, but it was always Phillip you were grooming, even when he had no interest in the company. And then, of course, Gus got a crack at the top spot-- Gus, who didn't give a damn about business. No... yes, I guess I got tired of begging and took matters into my own hands.

Alan: And you stabbed your old man in your back, didn't you?

Alan-Michael: I learned it from you. You've been stabbing me in the back my whole life. So I carved out a place for myself at Spaulding. Sorry, there's no room for you.

Alan: You haven't carved out a place for yourself at Spaulding, son. You're powerless, a second stringer, and you have to answer to some nut-job.

Dinah: Oh, did I hear my name?

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