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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 3/15/06

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Jonathan: You are sitting here talking to me, wasting time while Cassie's brainwashing Tammy. She's going to use this whole Sandy thing against me-- regardless of the fact that he was going to throw Tammy off of a cliff tonight. He was an obsessed, deranged psychopath, but I'm the devil, me, right?


Tammy: That's not what I mean. That is not what I mean. Before the wedding, I was too scared to tell Sandy that I loved you. I was nearly too afraid to admit it to myself. I had so many chances to do it, so many chances and I chickened out. My mom kept talking about choices tonight. The only choice I made was not to choose anything; I just went with it. I kept telling myself I was doing that because I didn't want to hurt him, but I did it. I just strung him along. And when he found out, he got so upset and so hurt, he just went right-- it's my fault, it is my fault! He was my friend and I did this to him!


Jonathan: Stop. Listen to me. Listen to me. Oh, man, stop it. I knew Sandy wanted to get divorced from Ava so he could be with you. They filed the papers; they did everything right. I paid a lawyer to lose the papers. I wanted Sandy to get taken down in court. The cops arrested him for bigamy because I tipped them off.

Tammy: You let the wedding-- even though--

Jonathan: I had to. I had to do it to be with you. It was the only way I knew to get everybody there to understand. So, you see, it's my fault. You had nothing to do with Sandy’s death.

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