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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 3/14/06

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Alan: Is that a threat, Beth? Because let me remind you: You kept Gus and I prisoners for quite a long time. What would people think if they found that out?

Beth: If they found that out, your child would be born in prison. How do you like that?

Alan: ( Laughs ) I'm so glad we didn't get a divorce.


Buzz: Change? You changed her? How much? You can't expect her not to be what she is. I mean you can’t... you have to live life with your eyes open to what she is. Because if you walk around with your eyes closed, pretending your blind, you know that's like rolling molasses up a sand hill.

Coop: Molasses up a sand hill? Dad, where do you get this crap?

Buzz: I'm greek. You know, epic tragedy, we invented it and drama...


Jeffrey: Winnie, Cassie. Cassie, this is Winnie. Winnie is a...

Cassie: A big fan, yeah, I got that.

Winnie: Every song is just like he's singing about me, you know. After your last set, maybe we can...

Cassie: Okay, he's taken. He's busy. He's busy taking me out tonight, so he's not free is what I mean.


Buzz: What is a friend? A friend is somebody who knows your past, believes in your future and accepts you as you are.

Olivia: Oh, I heard that a friend is someone who stabs you from the front.

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