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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 3/13/06

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Alan-Michael: You also knew who I was, Marina. But we both decided to look the other way and pretend we were the ones who could break the curse.

Marina: The curse? ( Laughs ) Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Waiter, can I get some garlic? You are nuts.


Mallet: That's a great story, Alan.

Beth: It's not a story.

Mallet: Yeah, I think it is, Beth. So you're telling me that you've been here with a dying man. Did you call a doctor? Did you call paramedics? See, it doesn't add up. Something is missing here. And you know what it is? Gus


Marina: So glad you could make it. Now, let's get something straight, pal. You don't break up with me. I break up with you. You know, after Danny, it's my time. So that's it. We're through. Don't you ever call me again.

Alan-Michael: Wait, wait. You... you came all the way here to tell me that?

Marina: Well, that, and to tell you what you'd be missing out on. You see, I'm... I'm fun, unpredictable. I know how to keep a relationship exciting. I can go to Vegas at the drop of a hat while at the same time, I can stay home and catch a football game on tv. I happen to look great in a bikini, or out of a bikini. And no man has ever, ever been sorry he dated me because I give really great support. And all this could have been yours. All I asked in return was that you were willing to have as much fun as I was. But it moved too fast for you. You didn't want anyone to get hurt. Well, I'm sorry you couldn't keep it up, pal, all right? You blew it. You can kiss it all good-bye.

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