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Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 3/10/06

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Marina: Not a lot of people in this town are willing to give Alan-Michael a fair shot, okay? His own father backhanded him from the grave in his will. And what's he been doing all the meanwhile? He's helping Dinah at Spaulding because Harley asked him to. And he's been really great with me. So there's no reason to doubt him. Okay, I know he's got a history. Who doesn't?

Frank: Honey, it's a little bit more complicated than that.

Marina: Ooh, I don't want to hear about complications. It's been simple. And right now, I need simple. And he deserves more than that, too. He deserves to hear how terrific he is.

Frank: From you?

Marina: Not just from me.

Frank: Oh, honey, if you want to save something, save the environment or dolphins or whales or something--


Dinah: Yes, you are. I am the queen of not letting go. I am the queen of not letting go of the pain and the anger and the grudges, but you know what? You taught me that there was a better way-- both of you did. You said it was time to let go, and I did. I made room for new things in my life. Since you taught me that, maybe it is my turn to teach you to let go, Harley. You have got to let go of Gus.


Alan: Yes, you're in charge, Beth. And you came back because you know you don't want to raise that child alone. That child needs a father.

Beth: What, to make him miserable?! I would give anything to turn around and walk right back out that door! But I'm not going to jail, not for you! I will not lose this baby. Do you understand that, Alan? That is the only reason that I came back.


Alan-Michael: Keeping the right kind of people bored.

Marina: Am I the right kind of people?

Alan-Michael: Could be.

Marina: That's why I love you. No, I mean, I didn't... it... it's not a... oh, hell. Yes, it is. I do.

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