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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 3/8/06

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Alan: Beth, you can't let this happen. You're not that cold!

Beth: Oh, but, Alan, you see, that I am. You should be proud of yourself: You finally turned me into a true Spaulding.


Beth: Mr. Spaulding is dead. His instructions died with him as did his mousy wife. This is your retainer; you work for me now. And your first assignment is to find every copy of those papers you drew up for Alan and shred them. No one must ever know they existed.

Randall: But I can't--

Beth: I need to be seen as the noble widow, not some poor hapless creature Alan was about to cast off. And as my lawyer, I need you to help me establish the proper image. Don't you agree?

Randall: Consider it done, Mrs. Spaulding.


Alan: It's all your fault. You kidnapped me or I would have never been in that car.

Gus: No, you would have been out trying to kill my wife. I didn't know you served her with divorce papers. No wonder why she slipped off the edge.

Alan: She testified against me and she was planning to keep me in that sanitarium forever.

Gus: Hmm. So now you're going to die like a drowned frozen rat. Yeah, that's an improvement.


Rick: Sweetheart, you're pregnant.

Beth: No.

Rick: Yes, you are.

Beth: No. Rick, they made a mistake. They switched my blood with somebody else.

Rick: Beth, I ran a test three times. You're pregnant. Now just-- lay down. Listen, honey, you don't have to tell me this now, but who the father is--

Beth: It's Alan. It's Alan. ( Sobbing )

Rick: Alan? Alan Spaulding? Were you drunk?

Beth: In the usual way!

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