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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 3/2/06

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Jonathan: Oh, okay. I was weak back then. I was a pussy cat. I didn't have anything to live for, nothing to fight for. I have Tammy now. That makes me scarier than you can even imagine.


Harley: Yeah. It's just one of the one million things that pops up every day to remind me of what my life was like just a couple of months ago. I am doing fine; I take a few steps forward and then-- wham-- something comes out of nowhere that breaks it all open for me. I get through one hour and I'm so proud of myself. You know, a whole day sometimes. And then there it is. There he is.


Blake: I realize that, but, honey, it is okay to... you have every right to move on with your life. And if there's any part of you on any level that might want Mallet back, now would be a good time to admit it before somebody got hurt.

Harley: My heart is with Gus. You know, it always will be. It doesn't matter whether he is here or not. I can't be with another man. It's not an option. Not now, not ever.


Dinah: I don't understand why we work.

Mallet: To pay bills, honey.

Dinah: Uh-uh. ( Laughs )

Mallet: What?

Dinah: I mean, why do you and I work?

Mallet: Oh, um... because I have infinite patience.

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