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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 2/27/06

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Provided By Tanya

Frank: What, am I supposed to pretend you didn't rip my guts out over someone I loved? I will never ever let you do that again.

Alan-Michael: This isn't about you, Frank. Marina's your daughter, not your future wife.

Frank: Watch it.


Olivia: I don't believe this. This is great. I have a terrible day; I come in here to commiserate with probably one of the only real friends I have in this town and you jump down my throat!

Buzz: I am not just your friend. I am... his father.


Alan-Michael: Except that's all it said. I mean, who is this Dinah Marler, who's suddenly one of the people running Spaulding? I think the people want to know-- not to mention the shareholders.

Dinah: You know what, I think that the public already knows enough about me-- a little too much.

Alan-Michael: But not the good stuff. Plus then I can put mine out, too.

Dinah: Okay, I'm not so sure I know this person. Where are the words "barracuda" and "psycho biatch"?

Alan-Michael: Those will go into the newsletter.

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