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Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 2/24/06

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Provided By Tanya

Beth: I did everything that you asked me to and the minute you were released, how did you reward me? You throw me out like the trash. You ditch me.

Alan: I didn't ditch you. This is all a plan I had for us to be together.

Beth: No, no, no, no, don't do this. Don't try to pull one over on poor, innocent Beth. Don't do it.

Gus: Excuse me. You guys are having, like, a marital squabble and quite frankly it makes me uncomfortable. So maybe if you just want to let me go...


Dan: Ten bucks a pop, and it's worth every penny. Buy in quantity, I'll give you a discount.

Mallet: Wow, this works for me. Honey, does it work for you?

Harley: It definitely works for me.

Mallet: Great then let's give it a try and have some fun and party and you guys are under arrest.


Sandy: All right. He's dragging me down to his level, too, because a part of me wants him to fall off a cliff again. Because, believe me, this time I'd make sure he stays dead.

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