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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 2/22/06

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Jonathan: Why not? You have much wisdom to impart. You could give them a step by step on how to marry your way through an entire family. ( Laughing ) Oh, wow. You can just, you know, show them how to raise some hell, which you do best.


Reva: Well, let me put it to you this way: The chances of you seeing me for the next few days are zero. You won't see me anywhere near Josh's office or near his room.

Olivia: Well now when you put it that way...

Reva: Did you see how fast she reached into her purse? ( Laughs )

Billy: See? I'm almost fell off of my stool.


Reva: I was a big dreamer when I was a kid. I guess maybe I still am. But sometimes dreamers have a hard time finding their way, and they make a whole lot of mistakes. But I'll tell you something, I wouldn't trade one of those mistakes even if I could because I did one thing right in all these years: I followed my heart. Even though that was a tricky thing sometimes, especially when it was telling me to do the exact opposite than what my head was telling me to do. But, you know, if you just stick with the logic in life, you have the chance of missing out on so many wonderful gifts that this world has to offer you. Gifts that are your destiny.

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