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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 2/21/06

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Tammy: I'll wear her down. I'm going to meet her at Company right now. She might see you like Edmund today, but before long, you'll be like Jeffrey.

Jonathan: Is that a good thing?


Ava: He is too good for you and I think you know it. That's why you did what you did with Quinn, because were you desperate. And because you know Coop is too good, too kind and too decent for you, and you're waiting for him to figure that out.

Lizzie: When are you going to move yourself out? I'd love to move in asap.

Coop: You're not going anywhere, Ava.


Cassie: No, well, I know one thing for sure, Jeffrey, I know there's nothing more intimate and sacred in marriage than giving yourself to the man you love. And I gave myself... I gave myself to a complete stranger. I gave myself to a liar.

Jeffrey: Cassie, please.

Cassie: And this makes me a liar.

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