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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 2/20/06

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Provided By Tanya

Dinah: Hey, I am not into that whole girlfriend thing. I'm not so sure what more I can do.

Frank: Well, why don't you do what most women do? Withhold sex.

Dinah: What? Why would I punish myself that way?


Billy: Why else would I call you when I'm three sheets?

Reva: The kids call it a bootie call.

Billy: What?

Reva: A bootie call. You know, you have a couple of pops, you're feeling all loosey goosey, and you know that I'm kind of batting zero in the man department, and...

Billy: You and me? ( Laughing ) Come on, that's nowhere. I mean, that's molasses up a sandy hill. You and me, that's another century. That's all over, right?


Cassie: A little bit of work? Honey, you know, it is taking every shred of motherly restraint. I... how can I not say this is a dump?

Tammy: Well, it's no palace, but, you know, when people start out, dumps happen, and people just do what you can.

Cassie: Well, I'll tell you what. I don't care about what other people do. What I care about is you. Don't you feel that you deserve better?

Tammy: It won't be the first time I've ever lived in a dive. The only difference is I used to live in one with you.

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