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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 2/6/06

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Jeffrey: I can make this easy for us. Either we find a way to resolve this and you find a way to believe me, or... I can walk right back out that door right now and not come back. You choose.


Mallet: That's what I'm telling you. You don't have to do this alone. If you tell me... if you tell me that there's hope between us, I will wait. I've waited ten years; I'll wait ten more years. I'll wait for you as long as it takes, okay. But if you tell me there's no hope, then I will walk out the door. I'll close that door and I'll move on. Because if I'm going to be with Dinah, I'm going to be with Dinah 100%. And I'll never look back. She deserves that. You understand?


Dinah: Okay, fine, yes. He was obsessed with you. He was madly, crazy in love with you. He loved it just as much as I did, dressing up and pretending. He would call me by your name sometimes when we were together.

Jeffrey: Keep going.

Dinah: He would whisper your name in my ear. When we were alone at the hotel, when we were together, when we were in bed making love, he would pretend I was you.

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