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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 2/2/06

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Olivia: It just makes you wonder if it's even worth falling in love. You put so much into somebody who may not even stick around. You invest everything only to have your heart ripped out of your chest.

Buzz: I lost Nadine, and I lost Jenna, and I actually thought that I might die from the pain myself. Every moment's a new hell. Every breath you take is poison in your lungs. I wouldn't give it up for the world. Harley loved and was loved. It's worth it.


Reva: Olivia, if I had wanted you gone, you would have been gone months ago. I'm not interested, and I'm not worried because I have my own life.

Olivia: Really? What life is that?

Reva: The one where I am okay with who I am; the one where I have a family I love and a family who loves me; the one where I don't have to throw myself at a man to have self- worth. Can you say the same thing?


Gus: I think you're just jealous.

Alan: Jealous? Ha! Well, you finally found me out. You know, I've always had a secret crush on Harley.

Gus: No, not jealous of her, jealous of real love. I think that's what you're jealous of, something that you are not capable of giving or receiving. I was completely alone until I met my wife. She filled up my heart.

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