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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 1/31/06

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Olivia: You have to keep a part of yourself separate to have fun, to flirt, to take pleasure in life. That's you taking care of you. That's you putting yourself first, and it's healthy. And it is essential, because without that, who are you really? I mean, you're just sort of a shadow of yourself?


Billy: Oh, I was just thinking about how much you want to get your claws back into my little brother, and how little he would have to do with you if he knew that you were the one who switched those drinks on me.

Olivia: Is that a threat?

Billy: Is that a threat? Well, that's kind of interesting, too, because you see, in AA they not only teach you that you have to take responsibility for your actions, but they also say you have to forgive those who done you wrong, even a low-life like you. So, sober Billy has been going to all of the meetings like a good boy, and I guess he just would have to let this one slide.


Frank: Will you snap out of it, Mallet? It's not like you guys were best friends or anything. Come on. You didn't even like each other?

Mallet: Who said I didn't like him? I mean, I just got used to hearing his stupid jokes and hearing about his stupid ulcer and how he is a much better cop than me. You know I always used to think to myself all of the time, "Aitoro, you're such an idiot." Then I started thinking, I kind of see what Harley likes about him. I started to get that, you know. It's too soon to give up, Frank. It's too soon for a new partner.

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