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Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 1/27/06

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Reva: You impersonated Richard?

Jeffrey: You mean Cassie didn't tell you? Or Tammy, or Jonathan, or Josh?


Dinah: A little cold out there, isn't it? Is this where you say, don't worry about it, baby, we'll heat up? Huh?

Mallet: You are such a pervert. I was talking about building a snowman.

Dinah: Okay, good, I believe that might be nice. Get your mind out of the gutter, focus on something like popcorn. Come on, come on. This is you know, a night out, no sex. Like two normal people.

Mallet: Normal people don't have sex?


Jeffrey: Yeah, well, I'm not a prince, okay? And besides, I was only there for the last part of their stay in San Cristobel, so you can't blame Jonathan on me.

Reva: Oh, dang, I could use a hand with the kid. So you and Cassie... are you going to be okay?

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