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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 1/23/06

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Provided By Tanya

Frank: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm sitting here reading my paper, having a lovely coffee.

Marina: Oh, yeah. Well, it's a good thing that you're the chief because your surveillance skills suck.


Dinah: Okay, so what I think I should do is go to some of the local casinos, go to the clubs, start spreading some cash around and hint there's a whole lot more where that comes from. I think it might be good. What do you think?

Harley: I think that all those years of conning people was like a college education for you.


Jeffrey: Cassie! I hope you're awake because I've got some good news. There you are. What are you doing? Why are you in the dark?

Cassie: I'm not in the dark. Maybe I was, but I'm not anymore.

Jeffrey: Wow, that's deep. What's going on?

Cassie: Well, isn't that just the question of the hour?

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