GL Best Lines Thursday 1/19/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 1/19/06

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Dinah: You're a sound sleeper.

Mallet: I was awake the whole time.

Dinah: Really? You snore when you're awake?

Mallet: Oh, my gosh. I should take this down to housekeeping before you drool stain sets in.

Dinah: I don't drool. ( Laughing )


Edmund: Wake up, Cassie! They knew each other. Jeffrey O’Neill made a practice of knowing Richard, everything, his speech, his mannerisms, right down to the finest detail. Jeffrey O’Neill knew your husband. What I'm saying, Cassie, is Jeffrey O’Neill knew how to be Richard.


Jeffrey: Actually, I do have something you want. A job. My job.

Doris: You can't be serious.

Jeffrey: I will make sure that you become the next District Attorney in Springfield. I will step aside, and I will smooth things over with the Mayor. You drop the charges against Tammy.

Doris: Deal.

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