GL Best Lines Wednesday 1/18/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/18/06

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Dinah: You got my message that I never wanted to see you again, so why are you calling?

Mallet: How about some dinner?

Dinah: Are you deaf? I said I didn't want to see you anymore.

Mallet: I'm sorry. What did you say? I'm kind of getting a little static here. Hello?

Dinah: I said we're through.

Mallet: What? I'm sorry, what did you say, pick you up an hour? Did you say-- I'm sorry. Okay, I'll pick you up an hour. I'm heading into a tunnel; I'm losing the signal.


Dinah: No. I just have a date; thank you very much.

Blake: Really? With who?

Dinah: Detective Mallet.

Blake: Dinah, Dinah...

Dinah: Look, I know what you're thinking, okay? I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm asking for a world of trouble and that everything is just going to fall apart, and I'm going to turn to stalkery. But you know what? What if-- what if he makes me happy? What if he makes me feel beautiful and not crazy? And I know that I really don't deserve a guy like that, but... man, when I'm with him, he makes me believe that I do. And, look, since... Gus and Harley, they're married, and I'm not stealing anyone's husband. I thought it would be a good shot.

Blake: When is he coming to pick you up?


Dinah: Yeah. Boundaries are exactly what I need. I need boundaries. I need some rules. I need some rules to keep me in check so I don't go walking off that cliff with every guy that I meet.

Blake: Right?

Dinah: First of all, I am not going to rush into bed with Mallet again. That wreaks desperation.

Blake: What's the second?

Dinah: You never shave your legs before you go out on a date. No matter how much you have to drink, you'll never find yourself getting into bed with him. Number three, you never have more than one glass of wine, that way you might forget you didn't shave your legs. Rule number-- tell me what number rule I'm on?

Blake: 22.

Dinah: 22. You never, ever give up anything for your man. I'm talking anything from your job to the remote control! 23!

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