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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 1/12/06

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Provided By Tanya

Marina: Okay. You know what, Dad? I'm going to save you the trouble of listening to all my objections because I already know them. Okay? What, I'm too vulnerable after Danny, and Alan-Michael is a player, he has been married into our family more than once, and the whole history of Cooper dating a Spaulding has been more than historically disastrous, but to these things, I respond I'm not as vulnerable as you think I am, and I'm the one calling the shots this time. Yes, he is a player, but I already know that, and about the whole Cooper-Spaulding curse, it is a rumor, and so yes, to sum it all up Alan-Michael is the flower guy and I don't care if you like it or not, you're going to have to live with it. Ok

Jonathan: Okay. So let's help them get used to it, let's go out.

Tammy: Really? Like now?

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, we'll get all dressed up.

Tammy: Wow. You mean you'll put on a clean t-shirt?

Jonathan: Well, if I have one. Okay, we're going to go out somewhere nice, too. I'm going to take you to where all of the decent folk go.

Alan-Michael: Hell, Frank, just admit it.

Frank: Admit what?

Alan-Michael: Deep down you want to stun-gun me and drop me in a lake.


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