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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/11/06

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Hawk: All right, this tree thing. It's all a part of the ruckus about how you got these two cousins-- first cousins, actually-- and they are determined to...

Josh: They're half cousins. We're just trying to make this easy, fun, you know. We don't have to get into the family issues.

Hawk: Oh, you should have told me up front you wanted me to lie!

Jonathan: Reva, look, we need to forget the whole personal video schick thing. We're going to bring this camera, we're going to go to the jail, the jail where I was, I, your son was, we're going to show them my cell. I'm going to introduce them to thug life. I'm going to bring them around all of the places I almost burned down.

Reva: You think this is a joke, don't you?

Jonathan: Yeah, you don't want them to think their brother and their cousins are a bunch of twisted freaks, so. You know what, Tammy? We should redo our chunk. Tell them we are together, but just, you know, in a book club. Here.

Tammy: Are you ashamed of us? I thought you were on our side.

Jonathan: Not anymore. What would the good children think?

Josh: Well, that was a horror show. Let's see, divorce, alcoholism, Cassie living with Marah’s ex, kissing cousins. Yee-haw.

Josh: We're a family, and just because the two of you live on opposite sides of the world from each other, and we now live on opposite sides of the town from each other, that hasn't changed. Because where you are doesn't change who you are, at least not in the ways that count.

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