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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 1/9/06

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Dinah: Yeah, I mean, I love it. I'm covered in paperwork, and I am really busy sort of doing this PR thing for Alan-Michael, and I'm stressed out sometimes, but I like something else to think about.

Marina: Yeah. Me, too. You know that's why I took the night shift on New Year's Eve.

Dinah: Oh, gosh, I know what that's like. I worked Christmas.

Marina: So who's the lucky guy?

Alan-Michael: Even though you think I'm a back-stabbing conniver?

Alexandra: Stop right there. If you were anything else, you wouldn't be a part of this family.

Reva: What I mean is you'll stay in Marah's room and you'll stay in your old room. There will be no little show and tells in the middle of the night. And if I catch you, then you will both be out on your butts.

Jonathan: Oh, that's crazy, Reva.

Reva: No, what it is, is the rule! It's one of them. And if you want to stay under my roof, then you will learn to abide by them.

Alan-Michael: You and me, we're made from the same mold. Yeah, we tried to live the life with the house and the kids, but all we really want to do is have fun.

Dinah: Is that what we want, Alan-Michael? Thank you for clueing me in.

Alan-Michael: I know you, Dinah. You want to be free, alone and unencumbered, no strings, no one shackling your soul.

Dinah: What if somebody complements my soul?

Alan-Michael: Before or after having sex?

Dinah: All the time. What if he's rumored to be one of the mythical good guys?

Alan-Michael: Then be with him. Just don't get yourself tied down.

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