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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 1/5/06

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Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: Hey, how long you going to keep me locked up in here without setting bail? Bring on the judge! Or at least give me something sharp to scratch the days off with.

Cassie: Tammy's first spelling bee. She won. ( Laughter )

Jeffrey: Of course she did.

Cassie: Yeah. Always the smartest kid in her class. How do you spell "mistake"?

Jonathan: It started last night, I think. I'm allergic to something around here, like being in jail. ( Coughs )

Rick: Okay, all right. When we finish up here, we're going to go back to the house and we're going to get on the phone and we're going to call our daughter at school and we're going to tell her about this discussion that we're having, and she's going to tell us we're weird, and then we'll hang up the phone, and we'll know we're not stupid geeks. What we're going to know is that we're like every other parent out there, right? Not too normal, just normal enough. And you know what? It's going to take our sweet little angel to give us a little perspective that we're doing a good job. I've got to finish up.

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