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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/4/06

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Harley: Still the same guy. Yes, so if a man comes in who fits the description that I just gave you and buys some Pepto Bismal, please give me a call.

Dinah: What is going on?

Harley: I'm calling pharmacies to see if he is buying medicine for his ulcer, because when he is stressed out, he needs a case of the pink stuff.

Harley: Okay, well, if we're going to do this, before we do this, if it requires doing something kind of outside the parameters of the law...

Mallet: Are you asking me if I can look the other way?

Harley: I can, can you? You're on the job, so I know I'm asking for a lot.

Mallet: You've asked for a lot before.

Harley: But you always seem to come through for me. So will you do it this time? Will you put your badge away for me, for Gus?

Mallet: No. No, no, not for Gus.

Harley: He's your partner. And, come on, you know those Spaulding's, they always skate, no matter what. You could do it because you know Alan might hurt my kids.

Mallet: You know what? I would do it for you. You I would do it for. To be perfectly honest, if I'm going to put my career on the line, then... hey, how are you?

Harley: Daddy, not now, okay? Did you just kick open that door?

Buzz: ( Laughs ) Yeah, it looks like I've still got it.

Harley: I took some cold medicine.

Buzz: Yeah, I know that cold medicine makes me cry, too. Honey...

Harley: No, you were being honest. And I was trying to act like you're the only person who has been harboring any feelings since, you know, back when we were together. And it is not true.

Mallet: What's not true?

Harley: I have those feelings, too. I mean, you know, when we were together in prison, yeah, that was obvious. But the thing is, it has kind of continued pretty much right up until... well, like right now. And, also, I should tell you, I've been having these dreams about you.

Mallet: Harley, don't do this. Please don't do this right now.

Harley: Dreams about you, and I've been worrying so much about you and that, and I think I missed some clue, some clue he was giving me about what his intention was.

Mallet: First of all, don't blame yourself... don't blame yourself for him taking off, okay? And, secondly, you're married, and I'm... I'm trying to respect that. Are you saying that if Gus weren't in our life, that you and I would be together?

Harley: I'm saying Gus is in my life. He's right there. He is my husband, and I love him. But I feel for you, and I do... I do. But I won't act on it. Not ever. And I can deal with that. Can you?

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