GL Best Lines Monday 12/26/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 12/26/05

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Provided By Tanya

Dinah: Well, I was in a vulnerable place.

Mallet: Vulnerable? Have you seen the marks on my back from your nails?

Harley: Wow, you and Mallet in that room all night. Wow! So don't tell me, he made you order in pizza and watch wrestling all night. That guy, I really ought to... what?

Dinah: We were the ones wrestling.

Tammy: About me and Jonathan? Yes. And so does the rest of the family. Harley, stop looking at me like that. You know what? Hey Springfield, listen up. I am Tammy Winslow and I have an announcement: I'm in love with Jonathan Randall! Deal with it! I am in love with Jonathan Randall! Yeah, that's right. Here we are. Here we are.

Jonathan: You're kidding. A very, very tiny, little bikini. However, I didn't put the whole gift and the box. Also included for your Christmas gift is tickets for two to the Caribbean. Would you like to go to the Caribbean with me for New Year's Eve?

Tammy: Hmm... um, yeah. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes. ( Knocking at the door )

Jonathan: Go away!

Frank: I can't do that, Jonathan. You're under arrest.

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