GL Best Lines Friday 12/16/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 12/16/05

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Provided By Tanya

Sandy: Take a look around. Do you think Jonathan will ever fit in with your family on nights like these? He'll never fit, period. I mean he is your cousin.

Coop: Yeah. Gosh, you are so beautiful. It almost... it almost hurts to look at you.

Tammy: I won't take very long, I promise. I'll bring mistletoe.

Jonathan: Oh, like we need it?

Olivia: And did you carve your initials on that one like you did on the mantel inside the house?

Reva: As a matter of fact, I did.

Olivia: With who else’s? H.B.'S and Billy's? I mean, carved letters and little hearts with arrows going through them. I'm surprised that tree's still standing.

Dinah: Ruin what, mom? Ruin what? There is nothing going on. If there was anything to ruin with this guy. I am not involved with Mallet, okay? I don't even want companionship from a man. If I wanted companionship, I would go for a pot-bellied pig. They're house-trained, they don't have any attitude, and they're cute.

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