GL Best Lines Thursday 12/8/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 12/8/05

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Provided By Tanya

Coop: Want ads. Hmm, I thought you already had two jobs.

Ava: I did. Yep, I did, but Olivia fired me. And I don't make enough money working at Outskirts to, you know, live the lifestyle I'm accustomed to, living indoors, plumbing, electricity.

Tammy: You let everyone think you were some wild monster, but I saw you. I saw your face looking at all of us. I saw your heart that night, Jonathan. And now I can't not see it.

Tammy: Nah, the big ticket stuff is never as good as the surprises.

Jonathan: What surprises?

Tammy: Um, the little glass bear, so little you just can fit it right in the palm of your hands. Or the Noah's ark, with the little animals carved out of marble. It's the stuff... the stuff you never even knew you wanted until you had it and then realized you couldn't live without it because you had already fallen completely in love with it.

Quinn: You're a friend in need. Mumsy wants you to suffer, but I say if you have to suffer, do it in nice shoes. It's a gift to a friend.

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