GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/6/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 12/6/05

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Provided By Tanya

Olivia: No sense in wasting a good buzz. ( Laughter ) Buzz, buzz. Little bees.

Buzz: Got it.

Marina: My family may be very worried about me, and if they knew I was up in a Spaulding jet with you?

Alan-Michael: That would not be good. I can hear Frank now. Let's get you on the ground asap.

Marina: A parachute?

Alan-Michael: It's the alternate route. Are you up for it?

Dinah: Where does this end? I just want to know. "Hold my hand, babe." "Give me a kiss, babe." "Let's go back to your apartment and take our clothes off, babe."

Mallet: I hadn't thought of that one. Does that one work?

Buzz: ( Laughing ) May we sometimes get what we want, and may we always get what we need, and may we never get what we deserve. Cheers.

Dinah: Mallet, you know that I an expert on that subject, and what it is like to convince yourself you have a chance with somebody when you don't. You look into every positive word, and every positive look.

Mallet: That must be you, because that is not me.

Dinah: No. I just saw it on your face right now, and I know that it's very difficult. And it is almost like reality slaps you upside the head. And I'm sorry. I know it hurts an awful lot.

Mallet: Hey, Dinah. I hope the next time around for you it's the guy who gets that look.

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