GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/30/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/30/05

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Ava: This is not how you pictured your wedding night, is it? You're here with the wrong wife.

Mallet: Life through Marina a curveball, and she struck out. This happened to you, and you didn't fall apart like this.

Harley: Well, I'm sorry, Mallet not all women can be me.

Reva: He loves her.

Sandy: That's not love. Reva, you know what he did to her. He hurt her. He sent her into one of the darkest periods of her life. It is wrong, you know that!

Reva: I don't know.

Sandy: Why don't you ask your sister how she feels about it?

Reva: I'm only trying to be honest with you.

Sandy: That's how it is, huh? The hell with all of the rest, because Jonathan is in love.

Reva: It is more than that. Tammy has feelings for him; she told me that herself.

Tammy: Nothing's gone the way I ever thought it would. The guy that I thought I could trust most in the world, it turns out I can't trust him at all. And the guy that I thought I could never trust again in a million years, the guy who is all wrong for me...

Jonathan: Yeah.

Tammy: He isn't so wrong.

Harley: Is it makeup sex if you have nothing to actually make up about?

Gus: See, I wouldn't really care about that because I'm a guy. As long as I'm getting some action, I'm happy.

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