GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/29/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 11/29/05

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Provided By Laura

Jonathan: It does matter. Hey, the most lovely bride the world's ever seen fell in love with the part.

Tammy: Some bride. Excuse me, we have a problem with this cake. There's only one bride. There should be two and a little cop to arrest the groom. I'll take care of it, it's fine. No. No more mess.

Olivia: So this is free? Okay, I'm listening.

Buzz: How does Moussaka, salad and a bottle of wine sound?

Olivia: Sounds wonderful.

Buzz: It will only take a minute.

Olivia: This is sweet of you but I don't think I can stay.

Buzz: You got a better chef waiting in the wings?

Sandy: Josh, I know you're angry with me.

Josh: You think?

Sandy: But I never meant for this to happen.

Josh: I'm sorry, are you talking about hurting Tammy or people finding out about your little secret?

Sandy: I'm sorry about all of it. When I manufactured a new life, I wanted to do things better but I screwed it all up and it got out of control and I'm sorry!

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