GL Best Lines Monday 11/28/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 11/28/05

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Provided By Tanya

 Mallet: Hello, have you lost your mind? ( Alarm sounding )

Dinah: Ages ago, I've been told.

Mallet: The cops are going to come.

Dinah: Guess what, smarty, you are a cop, arrest me.

Tammy: No. I want you to tell me how this happened. Ava has been in town for how long now? And you acted like you didn't know her. And vice versa. She was at my bachelorette party. She helped me picked out your wedding gift. But of course she did. Of course she knows what you like. She's your wife!

Mallet: I think she was desperate for a beer after she finished the champagne. I found her suffering outside the church with some kind of wedding-induced anxiety. Not the normal hysteria that usually effects the rest of the population.

Harley: Abnormal hysteria.

Dinah: Ha-ha.

Harley: You have to stop doing that.

Mallet: Doing what?

Harley: Dropping these bombs on me about your feelings about me. Do whatever you have to do, just stop it, and make it go away. I don't want to know.

Mallet: ( Laughs ) okay, then you've got to stop it, too. You're constantly telling me you're happily married.

Harley: I am happily married.

Mallet: Good, that is great. But when you walk in and see what you just saw, I get the sense you're kind of jealous.

Harley: Oh, please.

Mallet: No? Okay. Then you stand your side of the playground and live your life, and all is fine.

Harley: I will. And if you want to go after Dinah, fine, be my guest.

Mallet: Fine, I will-- I mean I won't. I mean I will go after whoever I want to go after. Not her.

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