GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/22/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 11/22/05

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Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: I have faith.

Reva: Based on what?

Jonathan: Isn't that the purpose of faith? I mean, I might not be people's choice, like Sandy, but I will be Tammy's choice.

Reva: She's not like us, Jonathan. Going with you would be like jumping off a cliff for her.

Jonathan: Then I'll catch her. Look, Reva, I am going to that wedding tonight. If you need me, I'll be sitting on the bride's side. Afterwards, she'll be coming home with me. Now, you, young lady, you go get ready for this thing. Home. Now.

Alan-Michael: You can't drive a stick, can you?

Marina: Of course I can. I have... ( car stalls ) absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Cassie: Thank god. And speaking of Sandy, there's something I need to tell you, too. He's here.

Tammy: What? Right now?

Cassie: Um, yeah. I kind of stashed him so he wouldn't see you, but I'm not good at this rules thing so if you want to see him I will leave it up to you. I'll just tell you he's not over there.

Jeffrey: All that and you cave in.

Marina: ( Laughs ) you drive like a maniac!

Alan-Michael: I just know how to handle a car. How to coax her along, ease her through the curves and open her up wide.

Marina: Wow. Great pickup line.

Alan-Michael: Did it work?

Marina: No. ( Laughs ) but you did take my mind off Danny for a little while I was clutching on to the dashboard and trying to pray for my dear life.

Alan-Michael: Mission accomplished, then.

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