GL Best Lines Monday 11/21/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 11/21/05

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Beth: Guess who's eating dessert alone? Oh, Alan, it was wonderful. Harley stormed out and Gus rushed out after her. You know, this is going to be easier than we thought. I mean, at this rate Harley should be out of Spaulding by Christmas. Do I hear "ho-ho-ho?"

Jonathan: I know. You know, some kids get Christmas presents from their moms and some kids get birthday parties, I guess, but I never got any of that stuff from Reva. But now she gave me you. She gave me my chance.

Jonathan: I don't mean this. I don't mean this! I want you to choose me in front of your friends and family. Not in the dark, not in the barn, not behind closed doors. I don't want to be some dark, dirty little secret that you keep. I want you to tell the whole world: "I am not in love with Sandy. I am in love with Jonathan." Can you do that? Can you do that, Tammy? Can you love me when the lights are on?

Gus: Well, yeah. I think so. I mean, I'm like the bad sequel to Blake's melodramatic book. Check it out. First of all, I am partners with hammer-go-hammer. Okay? And back in Spaulding land, my billionaire papa, he's out taking refuge in the nuthouse while my wife, Marley, is becoming the corporate wonder woman while she takes over my family business. She's got enough time for everything else cooking but me. I need a cigarette. You want one?

Alan-Michael: I know what you meant. And I also know what you need: Attention, romance, round-the-clock sex.

Harley: Round-the-clock what?

Alan-Michael: Sunbathing without the restriction of clothes, hourly massage, chocolate-covered whatever.

Alan-Michael: About my job title.

Harley: V.P. Of schmoozing?

Alan-Michael: How about V.P. Of keeping Harley Cooper sane? For now. But if I get a better offer, like, say, consultant for the next "S.I." Swimsuit edition...

Harley: That could happen. You'd be gone, I understand.

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