GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/16/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/16/05

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Jeffrey: Mrs. Winslow, I'll have you know that while you were here concerning yourself with your daughter's wedding, I researched the classic Thanksgiving meal. Which is to say that I asked a few people at the store what I should buy, and they told me.

Cassie: Well, did they tell you to buy it so soon?

Jeffrey: What do you mean?

Cassie: Jeffrey, Thanksgiving's a week away. Some of this food will go bad by then.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, I... I knew that.

Cassie: Really?

Jeffrey: Yeah. See, this isn't really Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving. It's practice Thanksgiving.

Cassie: Practice Thanksgiving?

Jeffrey: That's right. Because when I tackle the real meal next week, I'm going to get it just right.

Coop: I'm talking about a honey for you. A honey.

Buzz: A honey?

Coop: Yes.

Buzz: I can't believe I'm having this conversation with my son. A honey? Ick.

Cassie: Just imagining you stuffing that bird. And chopping the vegetables and stirring the gravy, making cranberries...

Jeffrey: I know, you think it's a comedy classic in the making don't you? But very few people know I have a very deft touch in the kitchen.

Cassie: Yeah, with the start button on the microwave.

Olivia: I'm so glad you came over.

Buzz: You are?

Olivia: Yeah, I have a question for you.

Buzz: Oh, I live for questions.

Olivia: Good. I've always been able to ask people out. I've never been shy about it if I've liked someone, but weddings are kind of different. And... is it weird to ask someone to go to a wedding with you if you're both invited?

Buzz: No, not at all.

Olivia: Good. I was thinking about asking Josh.

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