GLBest Lines Monday 11/14/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 11/14/05

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Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: Thank you. You look pretty good yourself. This is my first time going with a real-life date to this dance.

Coop: Who'd you take last time, a dead guy or something?

Lizzie: No, just some trust fund loser that my grandfather set me up with.

Buzz: You always have to date somebody that you've been married to. There are other fish in the sea besides Spauldings and Lewises.

Olivia: Coopers? Are you trying to fix me up with Frank?

Buzz: My son? You'd kill him.

Olivia: Coop, oh, now, he's more my speed.

Buzz: My son?!

Olivia: Relax. I'm not that much of a predator.

Buzz: Nicely manicured claws.

Olivia: I just filed my fangs down, too. Aren't they nice?

Buzz: Good thinking. Oh, fresh meat.

Cassie: It's better now because now I can see past what I lost to what I still have: R.J. and Tammy and all the excitement about her wedding. And... gosh, there was something else I have. Something else... I can't remember. What was it? Oh, right! There's this... you know, there's this guy who sometimes sleeps in my bed.

Jeffrey: Oh, him.

Cassie: Him. Uh-huh. The guy I couldn't stand until I couldn't stand to be without him.

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