GL Best Lines Thursday 11/10/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 11/10/05

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Provided By Laura

Frank: Is everything okay here?

Marina: With me? You bet. Couldn't be better. I just cut Danny loose.

Frank: What?

Buzz: What?

Marina: I'm fine about it. Really, I am. It was the right thing to do. I'm fine, Dad. Totally fine.

Frank: I don't think she's totally fine.

Buzz: No, I was just...

Frank: You know what we need to do, right?

Buzz: Sound the alarm, muster the troops?

Frank: Exactly. I'm on it.

Buzz: Before she scrubs a hole through the formica.

Blake: I need you to convince Dinah to work for her father.

Mallet: Hold on, I just busted my butt to get her at Spaulding.

Blake: I'm not talking about a full-time gig. Ross would be so happy to have his little girl work on his campaign, and right now you are the only person in this town that Dinah will listen to.

Mallet: Are you insane? That girl cannot stand me.

Blake: Please, she just doesn't know how to express herself. I happen to know for a fact she's very fond of you, and I think you could be very fond of her, too.

Mallet: ( Laughs ) Is this a job offer or a matchmaking attempt?

Blake: We'll strategize. Winning Dinah over is going to be a snap.

Mallet: Oh, a snap. I'm so glad I'm wearing my bulletproof vest.

Harley: Hey, do you need anything?

Marina: Don't you have a business to run or something?

Harley: How about if we take out that dartboard you made for me after me and Gus broke up? We could put Danny’s picture on it.

Edmund: Some best man you turned out to be. What are you going to do, Josh? Just walk out of here and leave me here to rot, is that it?

Josh: Pretty much, yeah.

Mallet: You are so not through with men.

Dinah: Oh, really? I just turned down a very intelligent, gorgeous, rich man. You got something that he doesn't?

Mallet: Well, I... I've got an internet chat room that's all about me all the time. Maybe you've heard about it,

Dinah: That's pretty good.

Mallet: I've got book clubs across the country coast to coast to discuss things like "The Hammer, man or God, myth or legend?" Or as far as my awesome prowess that's depicted in detail in... well, Chapter Three...

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