GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/9/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/9/05

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Tammy: Keepsakes from my mom's wedding to Richard. She thought maybe I could use some of them for my own wedding. My mom loved Richard so much. I can only hope that he's looking down now, pulling strings to protect her, like he did when he was alive. Do you think that's possible, like he did when he was alive? Do you think that's possible? Jonathan?

Jonathan: You should close that. It smells like mothballs.

Cassie: So you want to keep me here, locked in a tower like Rapunzel again?

Edmund: As soon as you let down your hair, I'll climb up.

Cassie: Please, just let me go home, Edmund.

Edmund: I will, some day.

Cassie: Some day?

Edmund: Some day, Cassie, as soon as I get a signal from you.

Cassie: A signal.

Edmund: A signal through this window over here. As soon as I see that signal, I'll know you're ready to be with me.

Josh: I hate to be the one to tell you this, Edmund, but your reign is over.

Jeffrey: It's all over, Eddie boy, and say good-bye to Cassie because you'll never see her again.

Edmund: No, Cassie! Come with me!

Cassie: What took you so long, O’Neill? I thought you'd never get here. What did do you, stop for lunch?

Jeffrey: Always complaining.

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