GL Best Lines Thursday 11/3/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 11/3/05

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Provided By Laura

Dinah: I don't appreciate being summoned to the halls of justice by Springfield’s Supercop.

Mallet: Supercop? I like that. Thank you. Supercop.

Dinah: You are looking for an excuse just to see the woman and you are using me and my parole status to do it!

Mallet: You are going to go over there and you're going to get a job if I have to carry you over there to do it.

Dinah: If you manhandle me one more time you're going to wake up one morning minus one very essential body part.

Dinah: Well, you see, then that's that. I think we should go.

Mallet: Stay where you are. She needs a job.

Harley: And I need her working here like I need toenail fungus. No offense, really.

Tammy: I want everything to be perfect. And disposable cameras at every place setting, too. Hey, Uncle Josh, what kind of tux are you going to wear?

Josh: I was thinking about this. I have this purple crushed velvet with the wide lapels and the frilly... here's to classic black.

Harley: Well, I know that you have P.R. experience, I know you ran WSPR for a while.

Dinah: And I'm talented about putting a spin on things. Why don't we cut the chitchat and tell me it's time to hire me and I can go.

Harley: I don't want to hire you. Thank you for coming. You can go.

Harley: I'm supposed to thank you for your time so thank you for coming to see us at Spaulding and I'll make sure Human Resources have your application.

Dinah: You mean you'll tell them you found one person in the world you'll never hire.

Harley: Pretty much, yeah.

Dinah: Well thank you for passing that along.

Harley: This is ridiculous.

Dinah: Imagine how I feel. I was the one looking for the job. I'm going to kill Mallet.

Harley: I'm going to kill Mallet.

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