GL Best Lines Monday 10/24/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 10/24/05

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Provided By Laura

Gus: What's up?

Mallet: Hey, how's it going? We're sending your pop back to the loony bin.

Gus: Hmmm, well, I'll miss him, like a man misses a festering boil.

Gus: Hey, Harley. Harley? Harley? What... what are you doing in here?

Harley: I run this place. I can do whatever I want.

Gus: Well, I've heard of casual Fridays and I'm into it, but slutty Mondays?

Barry: I knew something wasn't right. You're the one everyone's been talking about.

Harley: The one?

Barry: From down in marketing who's been coming on to the bosses, trying to sleep your way to the top. First you decide to cozy up to me. But then you see the CEO's husband, and he's a much better catch.

Gus: Would you believe this? I'm walking down the hallway looking for my wife, and this one pulls me in here and makes the move on me. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Barry: Didn't see you complaining.

Gus: I was trying to fight her off. I was fighting for my life.

Beth: A.C., Frank said I could visit him. Do I have to go up and get him and bring him down here?

Mallet: All right. All right. Come on.

Beth: Thank you.

Mallet: Just make it fast, okay? And no heavy petting. You haven't been approved for conjugal visits. Plus, I just ate.

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