GL Best Lines Thursday 10/20/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 10/20/05

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Provided By Laura

Mallet: Are you going down to the house, man? Will you punch me in?

Gus: The big house?

Mallet: Yeah.

Gus: Listen to you, little rule breaker. Yeah, I'll punch you in.

Harley: Come on. You hate that I got this job over you. Yet you come running down here to save the day for me? Come on.

Beth: Okay. You're right. I do hate that you have this job. I hate living with you. I hate the way you dress. Your accessories, your perfume, your taste for beer. I hate your shoes.

Harley: You don't like my shoes?

Mallet: Third time I saved your butt, I just hope it's worth saving.

Dinah: My butt?

Mallet: All of you.

Gus: Hey there, Beth. Just doing my regulation visitor's check. Making sure you're not bringing any files to dad.

Beth: Files?

Gus: Files? Files, little things that you cut through iron bars with those kind of files.

Alan: Don't you usually bring those in pies or cakes or something? Beth can't even bake.

Gus: Just giving the newlyweds a hard time. Part of my job description. If you want to turn this into some sort of conjugal visit, I'll be standing by with the defibrillator.

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