GL Best Lines Thursday 10/13/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 10/13/05

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Bill: Do you really? Did I tell you that alcoholism is what broke my father and my mother up? I told you that, didn't any.

Olivia: Yeah, you told me.

Bill: Yeah, I did. And I told you how that made me feel. Right? To watch the man that you admire most in the whole world just turn into this lying drunk. To the point where he didn't give a damn about me, my mother or even himself. It ruined him. He lost everything. Everything. Including my respect. In fact, my family, we had to turn our back on him. Do you know how that feels? Do you? To turn your back on your own father?

Olivia: I can see in the your eyes.

Bill: Can you?

Olivia: Yes. It's not going to happen to Billy. Your father is strong. Okay? This is just a slip, this is a tumble off the wagon.

Bill: "Tumble off the wagon." See, I don't think it was just a tumble. I think he was pushed. Olivia, I think someone intentionally switched his drinks. So instead of drinking water he drank vodka. And I think that somebody was you.

Danny: You just admitted you faked your pregnancy just to torture Cassie. Why should I believe anything you're telling me?

Dinah: Because it all fits. Nobody has seen me since the night Hope was born, right? Not even my father. Don't you think that's a little weird? What woman jumps up, gets out of town after she's gone through hard labor? Come on! Hope was born the very night Michelle gave birth and Michelle gave birth to a little girl also. Danny, are these just coincidences? I don't think so. And if you need more proof, then I want you to look down into this little girl's face and this little girl's eyes and tell me whose eyes those are, whose face that is.

Danny: Michelle’s.


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