GL Best Lines Tuesday 10/11/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 10/11/05

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Provided By Laura

Lizzie: Hello? We're here.

Coop: Well, hello, here means free food and when you're on a budget, that's a good thing.

Lizzie: Now you're talking.

Coop: Exactly. I wanted to wait to do this, but since we're here...

Lizzie: You know, I was wondering why you brought that backpack.

Coop: Well, I'm not one for duck myself, but I like oranges.

Gus: Yeah. Oranges are nice. Maybe we should have watched the game or something, you know?

Harley: We could have set up TV trays in the Media Room.

Beth: Great. And then we could all go for a dip in the cement pond.

Harley: Well, how about we write our own romance novel? How would it start?

Gus: ( Sighs ) I don't know. It would probably be something like "she rolls on top of him and she bursts into a flame ball of desire." ( Laughs )

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