GL Best Lines Monday 10/10/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 10/10/05

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Billy: ( Laughs ) Hey, little brother. Jeez, I'm glad you're here. You know, we are going to do great things with these guys, and you know why? Because I nailed... I mean, I nailed it just like the old days. I nailed it. I did it by myself. (Laughs) I'm going... I am... I'm going to go.

Josh: No. You are not getting in a car, Billy. You're drunk. What were you thinking?

Billy: It was vodka, but... but, I mean, I thought it was water.

Josh: Oh, Billy.

Billy: I thought I was... I was drinking water.

Josh: Come on, Billy.

Billy: I made a mistake. I mean, I had the olives, and I was taking the water. I was only drinking the water and then I just... I just... I just took a sip.

Josh: Yeah, and then what happened, Billy? Did you spit it out? Did you get mad at the bartender for making a mistake? Did you say this could never happen again?

Billy: No, no. I kind of thought "what the hell?" You know?

Josh: What the hell?

Billy: Yeah.

Josh: Billy. 13 years of sobriety down the drain? "What the hell"?

Josh: You're a drunk, Billy.

Billy: I'm your brother!

Josh: Yeah, I know that. And I would rather see this whole deal go down the drain than see you spin out of control again. You remember what happened before, Billy?

Billy: Come on. Come on, that was an accident.

Josh: You almost killed yourself in the car driving home because you were so drunk.

Billy: What are you going to do? Just hold that over my head forever?

Josh: I wouldn't have even brought it up if you hadn't picked up the bottle tonight, Billy. I can't lose you! Don't you understand that? My kids, Marah and Shayne, they live thousands of miles away. They're living their own life right now, and me and Reva, I don't know if we're going to get past this thing that's pulled us apart from each other. You, Billy, you're everything for me right now. Everything.

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