GLBest Lines Monday 10/3/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 10/3/05

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Gus: Willy, he's a good informant. I think he's sitting on something. I think so.

Mallet: Mm-hmm?

Gus: You're going to have to take him to dinner.

Mallet: Who? What? Me?

Gus: Yeah, you. See, we're going to be busy, and he only squeals for meals, so you're going to have to feed him. He likes lobster.

Mallet: Well, actually, I was going to stay home and read a book. But yeah, I guess I could take old Willy out for a feed. You know, I was thinking, it's probably not a bad idea for me to start establishing a relationship with him.

Gus: That's nice and everything. Just remember, he's my informant, okay?

Mallet: Yeah, I know, but see, you married the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises, which kind of ruins your street cred, and so maybe old Willy will open up to me more, you know? Free meals or not.

Harley: Are you guys partners or an old married couple?

Edmund: Here, I'll take her.

Jeffrey: No, that's all right. I've got her.

Edmund: I would like to hold my daughter, Mr. O’Neill.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I'm sure you would.

Edmund: I'm her father. What are you? The stand-in Godfather. What does that mean? Nothing. What rights do you have? None.

Jeffrey: You talk to me about rights? You'll be lucky if you don't spend the rest of your life in prison.

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