GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/27/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 9/27/05

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Provided By Laura

Bill: You know what I love about being married?

Olivia: You get some whatever you want it?

Bill: I had this before.

Olivia: Are you calling me easy? Because I...

Bill: I am not calling you easy. I would never refer to you as easy.


Bill: You think we can do it?

Olivia: Work together at Lewis, you mean?

Bill: Oh, yeah.

Olivia: I would really try to make it work.

Bill: But that's not what I'm asking. I'm saying can we do it?

Olivia: Can we do it? Can I reign in my galloping ambition to rule the world and make tons of cash at all costs and put you and the good of your family first?


Woman: Anything else, ladies?

Olivia: Yes. We need something to sweeten up our lives, so how about something delicious and fattening?

Reva: That is so sweet of you.

Olivia: I have my moments. So, can I count on you?

Reva: It depends. What's in it for me?

Olivia: Okay. So I will be-- could be-- rubbing shoulders with Josh at Lewis, and I can make sure he knows what a great catch you are.

Reva: Well, we don't have to do that because we know what we have. Next.

Olivia: All right. I've got nothing, all right?

Olivia: ( Laughs )

Reva: ( Laughs )

Olivia: Stop laughing at me!

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