GL Best Lines Monday 9/26/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 9/26/05

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Coop: Okay. Look, Lizzie doesn't want to quit. She... she actually loves her job and just the other day, Lizzie told me that she's actually been looking at you as more of a role model.

Lizzie: I did what?


Stephanie: Good. Well, you can start by getting Josh Lewis on the phone. He's currently out of the country. And I'll dictate a letter to you while we're waiting to be connected. Oh, iced tea, lemon, no sugar. I'll be sitting over here.

Coop: Okay, okay. Easy, girl. Come here.

Lizzie: "Iced tea, lemon, no sugar, mm-hmm, okay?" Do we have rat poison?

Coop: Lizzie, just play the game, please. Okay?

Lizzie: The things I will do for love... and a new fall wardrobe, but that's beyond the point.


Coop: All right, Lizzie, would you please just give it to me straight?

Lizzie: Okay, I'm trying. I wasn't exactly fired, but then I didn't exactly quit. It just kind of happened.

Coop: Yeah, all right. Well, then, at what point did you throw the notes in your boss's face?

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