GL Best Lines Friday 9/23/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 9/23/05

by Laura

Buzz: Marina...?

Marina: You know what?

Buzz: What?

Marina: You are absolutely right. It is best to get this all out in the open. I'm driving myself totally crazy.

Buzz: You and me both.


Cassie: Good. So, do you have any idea what you're supposed to do at Spaulding?

Harley: No. I have no idea. ( Laughs )

Cassie: Okay. So, do you know what they do at Spaulding?

Harley: Well, I know that they make lots and lots of money.

Cassie: Oh.


Jonathan: So, I hear we're losing you to the dark side.

Marina: You got a problem with cops?

Jonathan: No, I love the law. It's a shame, though, because those uniforms are so unflattering.

Marina: So is being tasered.


Dinah: You know, Edmund, you're becoming like a Bond villain. You tie me up, tell me your whole evil plan. What's next? You're going to put me in a tank full of sharks?

Edmund: You know, Dinah, call me crazy...

Dinah: Crazy.

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